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The Bovine Struggle

The Bovine Struggle: Beef Ban In “Secular” India

With the beef ban making news, serious allegations of religious discrimination on the current government have been raised. On some days, beef is banned because it is immoral to slaughter the cow and on some days it is allowed because it is part of a culture. The various U-turns that our politicians have taken on the matter have left the holy cow seriously distressed. And so she stands in protest.

Holy Cow


A Boatman in Benaras

Power in traditional Indian society is based on a form of social division called caste-based stratification. The castes are based on occupations and perpetuated through family lines. The lower castes remain the most underprivileged.

In Benaras, one of the world’s oldest cities with the longest running funeral pyre in history, weavers and boatmen practice each other’s trades interchangeably depending upon the seasons and availability of work.


Leelaji Stories – Series 1

Leelaji was our maid in Delhi. Aman and I loved her for her wit and sharpness. So this series of cartoons features stories that she shared with us about her life and everyday issues in her unique styles. I sketched the cartoons and Aman wrote the texts.


Leelaji, my ex-maid says, ‘Behno aur Bhaiyo, sab ko naya saal mubarak! Agle saal hum pata nahin kin kin ke ghar jaayenge. Aaj jahan bhi ho, khushi mana lo! Akhir bhagwan to eik hi hai.’

Sisters and brothers, wish you all a happy new year. We never know which home we will end up in next year. Wherever you are today, consider it home. Celebrate it. After all, God is one.

Leelaji- Series 1

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